Transferring a Web Domain

This article covers the process of transferring a domain from one domain provider to another


  • Already have a domain registered with provider 'A'
  • Make sure that your domain status is 'Unlocked' in the admin control panel of your domain with provider 'A'

Steps to Transfer:

  1. Go the new domain provider's website, get the annual rates of domain registering. If you are happy with the rates then follow through the next steps
  2. One the new domain provider's website, look for domain transfer page/button.
  3. Type in your domain URL.
  4. Next page will ask for your 'Domain Password' which is also called as 'Registry Key'. Click on 'Retrieve your password'.
  5. It will take you to another website that will ask again for your Domain URL and other easy questions.
  6. An email will be sent to the registered email address with the password/registry key.
  7. Copy that password and paste it in step 4.
  8. If the password is correct, you will be taken to the check out page where you will pay for the domain transfer and registering for the number years you choose.
  9. Once the payment is done, you will get an email to verify your email address.
  10. You will also get an email to authorize the transfer of your domain.
  11. It will take 24-48 hrs to get confirmation email that your domain is transferred successfully.