Getting a website for free

Yes! you have read it correctly. Anybody with a google account can have a website for free. All you need to do is to buy a domain name of your choice. Build your free website and direct your website towards that domain you have bought. How? Let me explain below.

Below are the steps. Follow along.

  1. Go to Google Drive. Click Personal Drive. You will be taken to your Google Drive after signing in.
  2. Click the + (new) sign. In the drop down, select more-->google sites and press "enter".
  3. You will be taken to your brand new empty website. You can now start building your website with the available tools.
Google Drive

4. Once done with editing the home page, click "Publish". Your site is now published. Congratulations.

5. Now, click on menu icon and click "custom URLs".

custom URL

6. In the pop up window, type in the domain name you have bought in steps below.

7. You will be asked to verify your the ownership of the domain name. Click "verify ownership".

8. A page will be opened. Click on domain name provider drop down menu.

9. Select your domain name provider. If you do not see your domain name provider, click "other".

10. You will see a TXT record. But also see below the option of "Add a CNAME record". Click that option and take a screen shot of that page.

Steps for routing the website to your domain name

11. In another browser window, now we will buy a domain name of our choice from a domain registrar of our choice.

12. Once domain is bought, go to the control panel of your domain account.

13. In the DNS settings, add CNAME record as per step 10.

14. Wait for 24 hours for domain name to populate in all domain name servers globally.

15. Go to Google Drive and open your website. Repeat steps 5-10. Click "Verify" at the bottom of the page.

16. Once confirmed, wait for another 24 hours for google servers to populate the website routing towards your domain.

17. Now type in your domain name in the browser and you should be directed towards your home page at google drive.