Unzipping multiple Zip Files in a folder using Python


  • Python is installed on your machine

  • Open IDLE (Python Shell)

  • Import os and zipfile. If import fails, then follow this link to install the failed ones in Python.

  • Make sure all zipped files are in one folder

  • Make sure there is a separate folder where we want our unzipped files to be

In IDLE, type

>>>import os, zipfile


'C:\\Program Files\\Python37'

Below command will change the current working directory to the folder where we have placed our zip files.

Note: in Windows, we use double back slashes. Also, in place of 'xyz', will be actual user name. OR It can be any folder on any drive.

>>> os.chdir('C:\\Users\\xyz\\Downloads\\zip')

Verify that current working directory is changed



Extracting files from Zip files


>>>for i in range(len(file)): (press enter)

unzip=zipfile.ZipFile(file[i]) (press enter)

unzip1=unzip.extractall('C:\\Users\\xyz\\Downloads\\unzip') (Press Enter Twice)

Open the unzip folder to confirm that all the files are extracted from zip files. Enjoy!!!