Correct DNS / DHCP Settings for Home ADSL/VDSL Routers / Modems

Hi, This blog is to help you in correcting DNS IP address in your Router / Modem DHCP server settings. This correction increases the download and upload speed quite remarkably.

Please follow the below mentioned simple steps.

Background: By default, DHCP settings in Router Modems is set as below.

Wrong DNS IP Picture
DNS Server IP is same as Router’s IP

Step 1: Find the correct DNS IP address. You can find the DNS IP address either from your Modem settings ( as displayed in picture below) or from your RSPs support website.

Correct DNS IP Address Picture
Correct DNS IP Address supplied by RSP

Step 2: Input the correct DNS IP address in DHCP settings as shown below.

Step 3: Click Submit.

Step 4: Click Maintenance–>Device and Click Reboot.

Step 5: Once the Router is back online, do a speed test to confirm that download and upload speed have increased remarkably.